In-Depth Couples Counseling


For Couples . . .

Sandra B. Stanford, MS offers a block of time for couples who need more than a 50 minute session. The block of time is 3 hours. The time is psycho-educational and interactive.

Topics covered:

  • Assessing the status of the marriage
  • Identifying specific relational needs and obstacles that limit intimacy
  • Begin healing hurts through confession and forgiveness

The material utilized is faith based.

Step 1:

Call 407-894-5202  to schedule a 2 session block of time (1 hour and 40 minutes) with Sandra for information gathering and assessment. (Cost of this session is $270). After that session, Sandra will schedule a 3 hour block of time to have an in-depth session.

Step 2:

Price for the In Depth session is $500. Non refundable deposit of $135 will be charged when appointment is scheduled. The remainder of the fee will be charged on the day of the session.

Step 3:

Before you leave from your initial appointment, Sandra will give you a Relational Needs Assessment and a Marriage Intimacy Assessment to fill out prior to your scheduled In Depth session.

Step 4:

Scan and email the assessments to SANDRABSTANFORDCOUNSELING@GMAIL.COM several days before your session to allow her time to review them — or you can mail them to:  PERSONAL & CONFIDENTIAL: Sandra B. Stanford, LMHC, 1067 Cheney Highway, Titusville, FL 32780.

Step 5:

Dress casually on the day of your appointment and come ready to work!

Step 6:

Plan to meet with Sandra weekly for a period of time to build on the foundation set during the In Depth session.


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