Women’s History Month

March 8, 2023

A B O U T   S A N D R A

March brings the celebration of National Women’s History month. As we reflect on a couple of significant women who have made an impact, may we realize the amount of suffering that took place to bring about lasting change.

Corrie ten Boom was one of these women. She was a Dutch Christian who believed in the equality of all human beings and went to great lengths to protect them. Her belief system led her to defend injustices and find ways to uphold the safety of Jews who faced persecution from the Nazis. This determination eventually led to her capture and imprisonment in a concentration camp along with some of her family members. Although her family members died during their time in prison, Corrie ten Boom survived and was later released. She went on to document her memoir in a book titled, The Hiding Place.

Sojourner Truth was an American abolitionist. She was a former slave that escaped into freedom and became an evangelist and activist for women’s rights. Her determination led her to fight against the abuse she faced, and eventually go to court with a case against a white man. She became the first black woman to sue a white man and win. This raised her level of boldness to preach the truth and speak out against slavery and oppression. Sojourner Truth was invited to meet President Abraham Lincoln, who later abolished slavery.

Two women with bold convictions. Unashamed. Both women used their own suffering to propel them into helping the oppressed and enslaved. They each encouraged changes that still stand to this day.

They both left a legacy of courage and a strong faith, fighting for what is right and honorable. As we celebrate these two, may we remember the women in our own lives who have sacrificed so that we may live better lives today. Celebrate the women around you for their strength, determination, and resolve. Sometimes we never know what suffering has taken place.

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Guest Blogger: Nancy Chappel

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